Welcome to the Help Desk!

Welcome to the VUA Help Desk, your one-stop shop for all the support you need.

For us to best assist you, please select the correct category based on the criteria below:

  • General Inquiries
    • Any requests that don't necessarily fall into the other categories below
  • Member Relations
    • Password resets
    • Login issues (for both FlightNet & smartCARS)
    • Account reactivations
    • Account management
    • Transfer hours
    • Questions regarding the Pilot Handbook
  • Technology & Systems
    • Any issue with our systems and services, including FlightNet, smartCARS, and our website
    • NOTE: If you receive an error message when attempting to log in to smartCARS, please file a Member Relations ticket instead
  • Crew Operations
    • Change of crew base
    • Crew base issues
    • Issues with routes & schedules (missing, wrong times or destinations, etc.)
    • Issues with aircraft or airports

If you're still unsure where to submit it, send your ticket under General Inquiries, and we can always re-assign the ticket to the proper category if necessary.

We look forward to assisting you!